Imprinted Concrete

Regardless of the condition of your pattern imprinted concrete, Cleanseal can restore it to very close its original condition when it was first laid.

The restoration process is different from that used for block paving.

Generally, pattern imprinted concrete will require washing down with one of our powerful rotary headed cleaners to remove any surface dirt and weeds that may be present. Dependent on the colour and condition of the original imprinted concrete it may require some aspect of re-colouring to restore it to what it looked like when it was first laid.

To keep the pattern imprinted concrete looking great and to have long term protection from wear and tear we would then apply high quality Smartseal sealants on the surface, leaving your paving looking like new.

Please click here to view our gallery of before and after pictures of restoration projects we have completed on pattern imprinted concrete driveways.

Whether it has been installed to form a garden patio area or maybe a feature area detached from the property, decking tends to look great short term, but unless reguarly maintained it can soon look grubby, dirty and suffering from loss of colour. In a worst case scenario, particuarly if it is North facing, decking can become covered in algae and surface growth, leaving it very slippery and dangerous when damp or wet.