Your house is probably the largest single investment you will ever make so it makes sense to protect its value. Roof tiles are continuously attacked by the elements and become porous with age and as a result create the ideal conditions to promote the growth of moss and lichens. When carried out by experienced professionals, protective roof coatings and sealers are the perfect solution and a much cheaper option and a viable alternative to having a complete replacement roof.

1. Weather Conditions

ClimaShield Roof Coating should only be applied in the correct weather conditions & we recommend our roof coating is not applied during the winter months and below temperatures of 10 degrees. It goes against our industry regulations to coat in the winter months. Coating your roof in these conditions is not advised and it will cause on-going problems in years to come as due to the cold conditions damp is sealed within the tiles, the roof coating will not adhere properly and as a result, will start to peel off.

4. Roof Coating

In most cases there is no need to pay out for a new roof as minor repairs and the application of ClimaShield Roof Coatings & Sealers can make an old roof look like new and will:-

• Improve the look of your home

• Add value to your property

• Protect from moss, fungi & lichens

• Extend the life of you roof


7. Roof Survey

During the survey of your roof we will not only see whether or not the roof is structurally sound our Registered Installers will also provide a detailed written quotation, but also carry out a risk assessment and consider general Health & Safety. Our contractors will only carry out roof cleaning with Health & Safety as the first consideration. Generally dependent upon the style of property the roof cleaning aspect of the work is carried out once specialist access platforms, cherry picker or scaffolding is in place.

2. Roof Cleaning

Before the roof coating is applied pressure washing the roof tiles is a very important part of the process however quite a few companies are just offering a “cleaning service” without the protective sealer. It is essential that all tiles are protected after being pressure washed as the tiles are stripped of their existing protective layer and your roof is left in a more vulnerable and porous unprotected condition and worse than it was before the cleaning process. This can also damage the original pointing and cementing around the ridge tiles, leaving them in an unprotected state and more prone to storm damage.

5. Smartseal Registered Applicators

SmartSeal are one of the market leaders in the UK for the supply of Roof Sealing and Coating Products which protect and restore the surface of roof tiles. CleanSeal is a Smartseal Agent who will survey your property and supply you with an estimate to carry out the work, thus giving you the peace of mind in knowing that you are dealing with a locally based surface and roofing cleaning & sealing company who have a proven track record in the industry.

8. ClimaShield Protective Roof Sealers – Coloured and Clear

As in most cases, cheaper paints will reduce the life expectancy of a roof coating and overall result in a poorer quality job. Cleanseal uses ClimaShield Roof Coatings have been independently tested to ensure it met with the highest standards and has been awarded product certification by the Paint Research Association and a 10 Year Guarantee, the Highest Product Certification and is guaranteed not to flake, blister or peel away from the roof tiles during that period.


3. Beware of Cold Call Canvassers

Beware of the cold call canvassers making appointments for their salesman to come to your home and giving you the hard sell. Do not sign up for any roof coating service with these hard sell techniques even if they say “this offer is only available if you sign up today”. Unfortunately many people are pressured into a wrong decision by this process of ‘hard selling’ and I often hear stories of people who have paid more for their roof to be coated than it would have been to replace it.

6. Price Guide to Roof Cleaning & Sealing

There is the saying “If you have a quote that seems extremely cheap and too good to be true then it probably is”.

To give you an idea… on average prices start at £16.00 per square metre, if you have received a quote and it’s under a thousand pounds to have your roof cleaned and sealed then this should be followed by a question mark.

If you wonder why, well for this price you’re probably going to get one coat of a cheap product by a company who more than likely will no longer be around in six months. During this period most of the paint would be peeling off and your roof will look a lot worse than before the job was carried out. However, this can also apply to quotes that are very expensive as mentioned previously with cold call canvassers and the hard sell salesmen.

9. Technical Information

ClimaShield Roof Coating was tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 6860 and TR010/ISO 4892-3 for resistance to accelerated weathering, equivalent to 5 years outdoor exposure in Europe. The results of these tests showed no sign of embrittlement or degradation of the coating.



1. Environmentally friendly water based acrylic product

2. Resistant to moss and algae

3. Allows excellent adhesion to roof tile

4. Water vapour permeable

5. Flexible and heat resistant

6. UV light and general weathering to European Standards.

Freeze Thaw ResistanceClimashield Roof Coating was tested in accordance with JIS A 6909 Clause 5.9.1 and showed no sign of any mechanical damage of the coating from the tests.

Adhesion to the Roof TileClimashield Roof Coating was tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 4624 and the coating did not come away in any of the tests. In all tests the roof tiles failed due to the pull off load before the coating had an opportunity to come away from the tile.

Water Vapour PermeabilityClimashield Roof Coating was tested in accordance with ASTM D1653 and it was confirmed that the coating was vapour permeable.