Driveway Cleaning Essex

Driveway cleaning in Essex is our speciality. Most forms of block
paved driveways are based on laying porous blocks onto a bed of sand. Left unprotected the weather conditions in the UK will soon lead to algae, moss, lichen and various forms of weeds forming on the surface of the block paving or between the joints.

Cleanseal can restore your driveway to near its original condition when first laid. Our powerful driveway cleaning equipment will generally remove all dirt and growth that may have formed in 90% of cases. All oil and other surface stains can also be treated and removed. Once the driveway is clean and dry we will replace all the kiln dried sand that has been displaced from the joints during the cleaning process.

Click here to see our gallery of before and after driveway cleaning pictures in projects we have completed in and around Essex.

To protect your driveway from deterioration on a on-going basis we would recommend sealing the driveway with Smartseal block paving sealer.