Roof Cleaning & Roof Coating

If your roof is staring to look dirty and has moss growing all over it you may be interested in our roof cleaning service. Our professional roof cleaners are able to quickly pressure clean any type of roof to remove moss that may have spread over time to ensure your roof looks as good as new.

Our roof cleaning service covers most areas in Essex including Southend on Sea, Rochford, Rayleigh, Hockley, Thorpe Bay and Leigh on Sea. By the time we have finished cleaning your roof we can totally transform the way it looks.

Sometimes our customers want to have their roofs cleaned plus coated or sealed. The clear sealants will protect your roof tiles from the re-growth of moss by making them impervious to water penetration. The roof coating we use are Climashield from Smartseal which come in a range of six popular colours and can make old roof tiles look like new once applied.

We have invested a lot of money in recent years acquiring the best possible pressure washing equipment to ensure our roof cleaning jobs in Essex are completed as professionally as possible.

Prior to pressure cleaning your roof, we sometimes have to pre-treat your roof tiles with a strong moss removal product that ensures the cleaning process is much more effective. The moss remover will kill off moss and other forms of surface growth such as lichen and algae that are very commonly seen on roof tiles in Essex.

We have a number of options once your roof has been pressure cleaned

  1. Application of clear solvent based sealer to create a ‘wet look’ finish on your roof tiles.
  2. Invisible impregnating sealers that will last for many years and provide lasting protection from weathering and deterioration.
  3. Coloured roof coatings from Smartseal that can totally transform the colour and look of older roof tiles.

We will provide a free quote for roof cleaning as well as roof sealing or coating if required.

Our roof cleaning service is available in most areas across Essex. Call 01702 332574 for a FREE, no obligation roof cleaning quotation complete our Online enquiry form. We cover as far as Brentwood, Hornchurch, Grays, Wickford, Billericay, Chelmsford and Upminster.