Patio Cleaning Essex

When first laid, paving slabs on patios look great, but due to the porous nature of most paving slabs that it is generally not long before algae and lichen tend to form on the surface. At best this can lead to them to looking green and in need of attention, at worst they can become slippery and dangerous.


Cleanseal specialise in patio cleaning in Essex. We have invested in professional patio cleaning equipment that will transform the paving with the minimum of mess, inconvenience and disruption.

Our cleaning equipment is also designed to clean garden furniture, pathways and garden walls etc. Please click here to see our all surface cleaning gallery.

Once the patio cleaning process is complete we would recommend an application by us of Smartseal patio sealer, visit our paving sealing section to learn about the benefits of applying paving sealant to patios.